Legend by an Ancient Aborigine:

Shan Chuan said:
"I stand in the midst of Space and Time:

In ancient times:

The birds and beasts were many,
and the People few (Aborigines).

Therefore, the people all nested in the trees
to escape danger from the beasts.

During the day they gathered
acorns and nuts.

At sundown - they climbed back up
to sleep in their trees.

Hence, they were called:
'The people of the nest builder.'

In ancient times:

these people knew nothing
about wearing clothes.

In summer - they heaped up
great piles of firewood.

In winter they burned it to keep warm.
Hence they were called:

"The people who knew how to survive."

They knew their mothers, but not their fathers
and lived side by side with the elk and the deer.

They had no thoughts in their hearts of harming one another.

After the Sages arrived .. during
the age of Shen Nung, 2,800 BCE.,

the people lay down on beds
peaceful and easy;

waking-up wide-eyed and blank,
now plowing for their food,

and weaving for their clothing.

Winter days now, I dress in skins and furs,
Summer days, in vine cloth and hemp.

In Spring, I plow and plant,
giving my body the labor and exercise it needs;

In Fall, I harvest and store away,
giving my body the leisure and sustenance it needs.

When the sun comes up, I work.
When the sun goes down, I rest.

I wander free and easy
between Heaven and Earth.

And my mind has found ..
all that it could wish for."

By Shan Chuan/Zhuangzi/Zhongni, 550 BCE

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