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Inner Space Projected Out / Self

When your five senses become absolute stillness,
along with your mind

and in the state at which your sense organs
are still from all activity,

Sitting still
when the knots in your heart are free,
and while still being alive in your body

you may transcend into the immortal,
the infinite state of consciousness.

As air enters various forms of beings
and fills the bodies of each,

so does the infinite-all when entering
each body, take on it's personal identity.

Still horse
Yet the infinite-all remains
just one and the same,

although existing in every being,
and in every thing.

Your own infinite spirit
is only the size of a thumb,

and proceeds forth from this
infinite-all - the eternal,

which itself, is even smaller than an atom,
and resides in the cave of your own heart Star

which is within the center of your body,
and is forever always present.

The infinite-all resides inside the heart cave
of every being at all times.

Jin Lamp
It is your pure, immortal state of being,
You may open into it, because it is yourself,

Experience infinity, infinite oneness.
The infinite-all is your very own infinite, eternal self.
Star Sonicsman

As minute weeds are noted
and pulled-out of the grass,

So should your separate Astral Soul
be acknowledged and understood,

Astral body This is your pure, immortal state of Being.
So keep a relaxed, quiet state of mind,

And open into it. It is--yourself
Experience your infinite, infinity.

'The Way of Truth' was originally taught by female Sages/Poets/Muses anciently BCE.

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