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Ocean of Dark Matter

There is Something - an undifferentiated whole.
It has no concrete form,
it is deep, dark, silent, undefined.

We do not hear its voice audibly...
It is infinitely high, and unfathomably deep,
an abyss enclosing the universe,

filling the space of heaven.
Receiving from the Formless,
it produces a stream running deep and wide,

without overflowing.
Opaque, it uses gradual clarification by stillness.
It is infinite, but does not fill the hand.

It is restrained, but expands,
appears dark, but illuminates...
It absorbs the negative and emits the positive,

displaying the fiery light of the stars, sun and
moon; this Way causes the revolving movement
of the heavens and the stability of earth.

Turning endlessly like a wheel, it flows on
ceaselessly like water and is at the beginning,
and the ending of all manifestations...

Infinitely communicating its' virtue/gravity and constants.
Yet, while it is undefinable and ungraspable,
its function is unlimited, profound and mysterious.

Facilitating life,
it manifests all forms
from its own unseen non-form.

It tunes the forces of nature,
and rolls up and rolls out
with stealth and flexibility.

It contracts and expands
Its' darkness and Its' Fiery-light.

Excerpts from Wen Tzu/Lao Tzu, 5th Century BCE.

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